Mary Ellen Zinser, 70
"Rock Climbing Trainer"

Fan Benno-Caris, 82"Olympian Racewalking Grandma"

"Granny" Grannis, 80
"Surf Photographer"

Dr. Margaret H Jones, 93
"Pioneer in Medicine"

Jewette Pattee, 76
"Just Do It!"

Ralph Merten, 88
"Hiking saved his Life"

Arnold Brilhart, 93
"Saxophone Legend"

Jack LaLanne, 83
"Godfather of Fitness"

Cecily Green, 69
"Celebrating Life"


June Tatro, 85
"40 Years of Fitness"

Ella Jenkins, 73
"Children's Storyteller"

Barbara Shirley, 81
"Ageless Sales Success"


Lucy White, 77
"Roller Coaster Entusiast"

Fred Fleek, 82
"This guy Rocks"

Virginia Shaver, 76
"Lessons for a Lifetime"