With over 25 years speaking experience, Kelly is a sought out presenter in both the corporate and consumer sectors who consistently earns rave reviews.

Her dynamic and engaging style uniquely combines the latest research, facts and trends in a way that captivates audiences into life and business changing action.

All presentations incorporate powerful visuals, including sound and video clips, and are tailored to efffectively meet each client’s objectives.

Fee: $5,000 - $7,500 plus expenses

References: Available upon Request

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• Financial Advisors

The Longevity Revolution:
A New Perspective on Retirement
With today’s retirees spending thirty years -- one third of their life in retirement, the traditional form of retirement planning is definitely changing. This new longevity requires a different approach and understanding of the psychology to investing and retirement. This program will explore a new view of retirement and ways to better motivate people to prepare for the reality of this new longevity.

• Client Appreciation

The Retirement Revolution:
A New Image of Aging & Longevity

A new image of aging is sweeping across the country as people redefine retirement and what it means to grow older today. With people living longer, healthier lives, and feeling 10-15 years younger than their natural age, retirees are doing extraordinary things in this new phase of life. From re-inventing oneself to reversing the image of inevitable decline, thinking different empowers this new reality of longevity.

• General

Whats's Age Got To Do With It?
Secrets to Aging in Extraordinary Ways

How much control do we really have over our aging process and what are the secrets to living a healthy, happy, long life? Current studies estimate that 70% of aging today is based on lifestyle, and only 30% on genetics. Aging is definitely changing and this program will forever change the way you look at aging … and perhaps even the way you age yourself.