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"The recordings of the people's stories is the heartbeat of the book...but Kelly Ferrin is the heart and soul"

"An amazing & informative book combining a gerontologist's insight with the true stories of a new way to age -- a fascinating read."

"A delightfully sunny and spunky book -- which I'm trying to read slowly, savoring a morsel at a time. But I admit...I'm having about as much luck at that as resisting a box of See's chocolates!"

"These people are amazing...I hope I'll be like that when I grow up!"


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Back by popular demand, Volume II is the newest collection of inspiring stories of SuperSeniors sharing the secrets to being healthy & happy, as well as active & vital, regardless of age.

Over 50 delightful true stories of people, age 67 to 122, who will have you believing age is just a number too!

From a 90 th birthday skydive to a first wedding at 85, an entrepreneur at 94, surfing at 80 or helping others as a 90-year old Cuddler volunteer, a new image of aging is sweeping across the country and this book captures this trend -- forever changing the way we look at aging … and even the way we age ourselves.

BONUS! This latest edition also includes two new sections: Life Lessons features stories on aging issues AND SuperSenior Celebs features stories on Jack LaLanne, Art Linkletter, Phyllis Diller and more! Plus, even a few of the best stories from Volume I are included for those who missed the first book.

What’s Age Got To Do With It? Volume II takes a refreshingly positive look at what’s right with age through the inspiring stories of those who are living it. Complete with an extensive Resource Section, as well as the 10 Secrets to Ageless Living, this book is like no other in its celebration of age and life.