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Quotes about Kelly...

"I'll never look at aging the same way again! Incredibly awesome!"

"Everyone should hear this message -- powerfully engaging and one that will definitely make a difference in your life!"

"Fascinating, insightful, and highly motivating!"

"Uplifting and inspiring -- incredibly refreshing outlook!"

"Wow! A message everyone at every age should hear!"

Kelly's Bio ...

As a gerontologist and longevity expert, Kelly Ferrin has been studying aging and retirement issues for over 30 years. Her extensive work in the financial services industry over the last decade, presenting the latest research, facts and trends in longevity has provided a new perspective on planning for retirement as a phase of life completely being redefined. It's more than just the money that determines a successful retirement, and Kelly's message provides unique insight and information to ensure an effective action plan.  

Her focus on the LifeSpan, HealthSpan, and WealthSpan aspects of Longevity Management is not only creating a shift in thinking to help better communicate, protect, and plan for all aspects of a client's life, but is also Kelly's introduction of Financial Gerontology, to assist the industry effectively address longevity risk, rising healthcare costs, and generational planning. 

Kelly was one of the first to receive a degree in this field from the prestigious Andrus School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California (USC), considered the top school in the nation for the study of age-related issues. She is also a certified AARP retirement specialist and author, whose dynamic perspective on aging and retirement has been featured on radio and TV talk shows nationwide from Oprah to Good Morning America and the Today Show. Passionately committed to help change beliefs and behaviors about retirement, longevity, life planning, and healthy aging, Kelly started her own company in 1986, where she serves as a consultant and keynote speaker sought out to motivate audiences with her informative, inspiring, engaging and life changing presentations on how living long and living well is changing how we live, work, age, and retire in America.

She has been recruited by The United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO) with her team of "Super Seniors" to help celebrate the 'International Year of the Older Person', served on the Governor's Council of Physical Fitness and Sports for older adults, co-produced 'Age Talk' a cable TV show, and helped create the 'Feeling Fit Club,' a unique wellness program which won numerous national accolades, including the prestigious American Society on Aging's 'Healthcare & Aging' award. Kelly is the author of two books, "What's AGE Got To Do With It? Secrets to Aging in Extraordinary Ways," (Volumes 1 & 2), an inspiring collection of true story profiles featuring people age 67 to 122 and their secrets to ageless living

As one of the only Gerontologist's in the country doing this kind of work, Kelly's vision of the effect of adding 30 years to our life expectancy is inspiring us all to RETHINK how we live and plan our lives, as well as forever change the way we look at aging . and even the way we age ourselves. 760-518-7313